Agricultural Information

Crop Moisture Index

        About this map:
The Crop Moisture Index map more rapidly depicts changes in drought and rainfall conditions than the Palmer Index map and thus can change considerably from week to week. It is also more effective in calculating abnormal dryness or wetness affecting agriculture as was designed to indicate normal conditions at the beginning and ending of the growing season. 
The CMI map 
uses the same scale as the Palmer Index map.

  Drought Index
        About this map:
The Palmer Index map depicts long-term (several months) more than short-term (several weeks)
drought. Negative values 
indicate areas of drought--lower numbers being areas of more severe 
drought. The Palmer Index is standardized to local climate,
so it can be applied to any part of the
country to demonstrate relative drought or rainfall conditions. However, it is not 
particularly useful in calculating supplies of water locked up in snow, and thus works best east of the Continental Divide.

12 Hour Precipitation Forecast

        About this map:
The 12 Hour Precipitation Forecast Map is useful in determining the approach of adverse weather conditions. Both normal and winter precipitation types are depicted on this one map.
12 Hour Frost Forecast

        About this map:
Frost can be harmful to certain types of plants and can make for an uncomfortable atmosphere for animals and pets. The 12 Hour Frost Forecast is useful in determining when measures need to be taken to lessen the effects of this type of weather.

Weather Fast Fact
 Flash Flood Statement:
A Flash Flood Statement is issued to inform the public about current flash flood conditions. These statements usually contain river stage information if major streams or rivers are involved.