National Cold Weather Information: Wind Chill, Snow Accumulation & Temperature


         About this map:

Both high and low temperature extremes can be harmful to humans and animals. Use this map to take the proper precautions when extreme conditions exist. 



National Wind Chill

        About this map:
This colored contour map shows current wind chill. Wind chill is the apparent temperature considering both the temperature and the wind speed. The key below the image shows the corresponding wind chill for each color.


Snow Accumulation

        About this map:
Snow accumulation, although beautiful, can and does present hazardous conditions. 
Use this national map to help predict potential hazards in your local area.

Weather Fast Fact


Acroymn for Meteorological Aerodrome Report. It is the primary observation code used in the United States to satisfy requirements for reporting surface meteorological data.

Minimum reporting requirerments include wind, visibility, runway visual range, present weather, sky condition, temperature, dew point, and altimeter settings.


 National Weather Information

Current Weather Conditions for Iuka, IL.