National Forecast Information

12 Hour Precipitation Forecast

About this map:
The 12 Hour Precipitation Forecast Map is useful in determining the approach of adverse weather conditions. Both normal and winter precipitation types are depicted on this one map.
12 Hour Frost Forecast

About this map:
Frost can be harmful to certain types of plants and can make for an uncomfortable atmosphere for animals and pets. The 12 Hour Frost Forecast is useful in determining when measures need to be taken to lessen the effects of this type of weather.
12 Hour Wintry Forecast

About this map:
Like all weather conditions, winter weather conditions can change rapidly.
Use the 12 Hour Winter weather forecast to determine if potential dangers exist.



Weather Fast Fact
Flash Flood Watch:
Indicates that flash flooding is a possibility in or close to the watch area. Those in the affected area are urged to be ready to take action if a flash flood warning is issued or flooding is observed. These watches are issued for flooding that is expected to occur within 6 hours after the heavy rains have ended.