National Satellite

National Visible Satellite

         About this map:
Visible satellite imagery is a snapshot of cloud cover from space, and can only be seen during daylight hours.
Meteorologists use visible satellite imagery to prepare forecasts, but look at Infrared satellite at night when the visible view is not available.
Use this map during daylight hours but use the infrared imagery at night.


National Infrared Satellite
         About this map:
Satellite images are measurements of the Earth taken from high in space by governmental satellites, and used to show clouds and cloud movement. The term "Infrared" means that the satellite is detecting the temperature of the clouds.
Infrared satellite s
enses radiant energy given off by the clouds. Warmer (lower in the atmosphere) clouds give off more energy than cold (higher) clouds.
Use this map, (during night time hours), to help predict when there is a strong probability of adverse weather heading your way.

Weather Fast Fact

This is issued by the NWS when conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch area. A severe thunderstorm by definition is a thunderstorm that produces 3/4 inch hail or larger in diameter and/or winds equal or exceed 58 miles an hour.