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                                                        Current Weather Conditions for Iuka, IL.

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Illinois Regional Radar

         About this map:
           Radar is an acronym that stands for Radio Detection And Ranging.
           A weather radar consists of a parabolic dish encased in a protective dome and mounted on a tower of
           up to five stories tall.
           Radar is a device, used by meteorologists, to predict the presence of precipitation and various weather
           This is an important tool in determining the possibility of adverse weather.
           Sometimes radar will give a false reading of precipitation due to a condition called "ground clutter".
           Ground clutter is an 
unavoidable form of radar contamination and occurs when fixed objects, such as
           trees, buildings or terrain produce 
non-meteorological echoes.
           If the radar image shows the presence of precipitation but no precipitation exists, this could be due to
           ground clutter.
           Use these maps to help forecast the weather in your area and to warn of potentially dangerous

Weather Fast Fact

Weather Statement:

A statement generally provides additional or followup information to an existing weather condition.